The Skillman Network is a the transnational platform of centres of Vocational Excellence for the emerging skills in Advanced Manufacturing, based in the European Union (EU) that is engaged in the technical and vocation education and training (TVET) domain to design and distribute work-based learning (WBL) solutions to address skills mismatch. was launched in 2014 and received the European Commission support in 2015 in the field of education and training. In its specific field of intervention it is currently became the largest EU multilateral network combining a solid knowledge of skills needs and training practices with a well organised systemic and sector-related information system

The network was founded by well-known VET providers and industry leaders like Scandinavian Airline Systems, FIAT FCA, Jaguar Land Rover, the Italian National Research Centre, TKNIKA and other organisations and accreditations bodies from various EU countries.

Skillman is a worldwide community of practitioners, researchers, and institutions committed to responding to the need for learning solutions by creating tools and operating conditions for its community, based on the principles of participatory learning and distributed collaboration.


The Skillman service is a useful platform that the Skillman Alliance has designed to support the implementation and dissemination of the relevant existing European tools and initiatives in the field of TVET.

Our service is crucial in the promotion and sharing (among a variety of international stakeholders) of detailed information about the tools, their benefits and how to access them. The aim of the Skillman Service Desk is to increase the awareness around these tools and to circulate updated information about new innovative solutions. All the EU tools are free of charge, they were conceived by the European Commission and finalized with the contribution and work of teams of experts in TVET and partner institutions.

Among them are SELFIE, Europass, VET toolkit for tackling early leaving, ECVET Toolkit, EQAVET, ESCO DB, VET Mobility Charters, the European Framework for quality and effective apprenticeships, European Alliance for Apprenticeships, Drop’pin@EURES, European Pact for Youth, EPALE etc.


What are the skills needed for the future of manufacturing?

In a context of demographic transitions, internationalisation of job markets, and transformation towards an information and knowledge-based society, the SKILLNET alliance seeks to empower Vocational Education and Training providers and stakeholders to thrive.

Increasing openness, flexibility, complexity and uncertainty are key characteristics that will define the future of manufacturing, and overcoming such challenges will require a constant flow of ideas.

This is why we are kindly inviting experts covering all roles (TVET providers, companies, governance representatives and individuals) to join one or more of the four topic-specific SKILLNET peerlearning clubs that will allow discussion, exchange and empowerment via online and on-site activities, with a bottom-up approach.