CoVE Madagascar

CoVEs description

The National Consortium of Centres of Vocational Excellence is made up of four institutions in charge of technical vocational education and training (TVET) with a proven track record in curricular and pedagogical innovation, public/private partnership and international cooperation. In addition to these full project partners, the Consortium includes the Antananarivo Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Handicrafts (CCIA), the Malagasy Vocational Training Fund (FMFP) and the Antananarivo, Higher Institute of Technology (IST).

The Ministry of Technical Education and Vocational Training coordinates the consortium as the lead department for the implementation of the National Employment and Vocational Training Policy. The other three full partners are technical and vocational education and training institutions implementing new curricula in the industrial sector.

The ambition of the Malagasy COVES is to enhance the skills of the main actors and stakeholders in Technical Education and Vocational Training, namely learners, trainers, company apprenticeship tutors and those responsible for curriculum development and vocational guidance and integration. To achieve this, the promotion of a culture of excellence, digital technology and entrepreneurship are essential.


The mission of the National Consortium of Centers of Technical Vocational Excellence is to contribute to the acceleration of the qualitative transformation of vocational education and training systems in Madagascar through partnerships at different levels and mobilizing actions around the professional development of teachers and trainers and the operationalization of the Malagasy national certification framework.


In accordance with the reference documents in force, which are the national policy on employment, technical education and vocational training or PNEFP and the Madagascar Emergence Plan, the following have been identified as territorial priorities in Antananarivo, where the consortium is based: (i) the development of human capital; (ii) the boosting of labour productivity and the creation of productive jobs for a decent income and a competitive economy;

CoVEs Field of expertise

  • Curriculum development and implementation

  • Development and implementation of blended learning facilities

  • Online tutoring

  • General Technology Training,

  • Initial Vocational Training

  • Higher Technician Training

CoVEs Strong Points

  • Adequate infrastructure to cater for the various varieties of training

  • Several partners associated

  • Trainers' competences in their specific field.


METFP - Ministry of TVET - Leader of the CoVE in Madagascar

The Ministry develops and implements the General State Policy in Technical Education and Vocational Training to train young people and adults, according to the real and evolving needs of the economy enabling them to contribute effectively to the socio-economic development of the family, the region and the nation

Person in charge for CoVE in the leader organization


Specialist in Production of digital educational resources


Specialist in Engineering of vocational training

TSIKASIHY Fanjanirina

Director of Curricula and Quality Assurance