CoVE Portugal

CoVEs description

The Portuguese CoVE gathers VET and TVET organizations, working as experts in several fields of knowledge, training, education and industry, oriented to technological progress, either in mechanics, automation, manufacture and/or ICT development, remote work, informal work and the work within the new ways of jobs organization, namely GIG economy. A wide range of stakeholders and organizations will work having in mind that the future of jobs revolution is transforming work as we know it, and that equality, respect and non-discrimination, lifelong learning, social and environmental sustainability and active ageing raises new challenges vis-à-vis qualifications, skills, competences, employment, digital transformation, equality, privacy, working time, work location and social protection. The Portuguese CoVE will work together as a whole to help transform the uncertainties linked to the future of work creating new opportunities on the labour market, improving skills and productivity, working conditions, salaries and the solidity of future jobs, ​ in order to strength the democracy, economy and resilience both at Portuguese and European level.


Increasing the development of people, organizations and stakeholders with equity, integrity, innovation and consistency, tackling the risk of exclusion, promoting VET and TVET image, quality and supply, towards a green, innovative and resilient economy.


  • Tackling unemployment and social exclusion;

  • reduce differences of employment across regions; boost 4.0 Industry VET ;

  • transversal acquisition of skills in climate change, environment, renewable energy and sustainability; upskilling; reskilling, enhancing qualification;

  • tailoring VET programmes learner centred;

  • ICT to face digital transition, investment in VET innovation either through digital or blended learning.

  • Demographic evolution challenge and combat poverty.

CoVEs Field of expertise

Internationalization, Cooperation, Entrepeneurship, Training, Innovation, SME connections, business opportunities development, Automotive Mechatronics and Production, Electronics and Automation, Industrial Maintenance, Welding, CNC Programming, Telecommunications, Network Management, Programming and Cybersecurity, Industrial Control and Mechatronics Technology.

CoVEs Strong Points

  • Strong connection with companies and citizens.

  • Deep or extensive proficiency as VET/TVET providers, promoting advanced practice-oriented training, to boost digital transition and industry 4.0.

  • Incorporation of new solutions as an added value to users, thus improving business; willing and enthusiastic about the chance to share know-how.

  • Significantly contributing to design, plan and develop innovative tools in their area of expertise, seeking to remain updated on current trends related with green and digital transition, sharing knowledge proactively within national and international networks.


Câmara Municipal de Lisboa - Leader of the CoVE in Portugal

Lisbon City Council is a public authority executive body, its governance aims to define and implement public policies to promote the development of the city, it has a Labour force of around 10.000 workers, engaged within citizen’s public needs and the management of the city, with a huge expertise and skills in a wide range of areas. Lisbon metropolitan area has a great privileged position as Euro-Atlantic Capital. The municipality has major responsibility in social intervention, environment, health, education, culture and science, financing, sports, internal & external cooperation, urban equipment and mobility, housing, urban planning, heritage, municipal police, promotion of city development, civil protection, security, safety, sanitation, transport. It works to the well-being, benefit and prosperity of its citizens, promoting education for all, boosting the city development within a sustainable town planning, sustainable mobility, entrepreneurship, communication services, green and digital transition, environmental emergency issues, towards a smart, sustainable and inclusive city where equity, fairness and equality prevail for all people.

Person in charge for CoVE in the leader organization

Luisa Dornellas

Development and Training Department Director-Head of Office

João Costa

Chief Operating Officer