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The Vita Foundation is a Higher Technical Institute, an Academy of high technological specialization, created to meet the demand of companies for new and high technical and technological skills. 

Since September 2015 to date has been funded No. 12 ITS courses, of which 4 have been completed and 4 will start in October 2019. In addition, the Foundation has activated 1 IFTS course and 6 courses for the Strategic Call for the Chemical-Pharmaceutical supply chain. It has graduated 80 young people, 76% of whom are employed, reaching 86% if we consider university entrance.

The Vita Foundation is accredited to the Tuscany Region, according to the provisions contained in the resolution of the Council n.1407/2016 and subsequent amendments, as an accredited and recognized training agency and obtained the ISO 9001/2015 Quality Certification on August 25, 2018.

It has also signed some framework agreements with: National Network ITS Life Sciences, University of Siena, Federmanager, Farmindustria, Azienda U.S.L. Toscana Sud-Est and Azienda Universitaria Ospedaliera Senese.

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